Bohlman Paradise

Bohlman Paradise

The parcel, at 16800 Bohlman Road, Saratoga, California, is 3.73 acres of choice residential real estate. It is nearly all flat, geologically stable, and usable. It's atop a ridge between Silicon Valley and the Santa Cruz Mountains, at an elevation of 2400 feet. It's really peaceful, and we have good neighbors. Several luxury homes were recently built here. There are plenty of Saratoga homes at very high prices. Few offer this choice location.

The land is in Santa Clara County (no city taxes), exactly 4 miles from the Saratoga Village (with enough 4-star restaurants to satisfy anyone), a very pleasant 10-minute drive. The winding road climbs about 2000 feet in that distance, and is narrow in places. The lower part is maintained by the City of Saratoga; the upper by the County of Santa Clara. The mailbox at 16800 Bohlman Road is on the left as you go up, just past the large open field and aluminum gate. It can be located on my Location page or by address using Google Maps etc.

Most of the land is unobtrusively fenced with barbed wire, providing a nice home for at least two horses. A border of trees and brush provides privacy for the back acre. Nearly all is clear and planted with pasture grass, providing our horse with supplemental feed and endless entertainment. An orchard of about 10,000 square feet is separately fenced to keep out the deer. It houses a few fruit trees and a vegetable garden of about 1000 square feet. I am considering having a vineyard professionally installed and maintained in about an acre along Bohlman Road.

Electric and telephone utilities enter the property near the west corner. A very reliable well provides water, and an 11KW generator with a 400 gallon propane tank provides backup power. Hilltop Internet provides an excellent Internet connection. Loren is friendly, cooperative, competent, and responsive.

There is a spot on the west end of the property which I believe is suitable for building a second residence of substantial size, if the county would permit it.


Fair market value is what a willing buyer would pay a willing seller. I love it up here, so I'm not exactly willing, but my arm could be twisted. I've watched property sales in the area hills, and I think $6-7 million is reasonable for this unique piece of paradise. The house has served us well, but the price is mostly for the location and the land. For an unofficial estimate, see

Why am I considering selling?

My season of independent living is finite. My children have established their own homes. I realize finding the right people for this place may take time. Some people don't like the road I still enjoy driving after more than 30 years. This also gives me time to mentally prepare for leaving Paradise. I already have a couple years of RV travel planned. The Proposition 13 benefit would be hard to give up, however.


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